Palacios is a certified Texas Film Friendly Community.

What draws people to visit or relocate to a quaint resort town like Palacios, Texas? Perhaps it’s because it remains a hidden gem, the last undeveloped area of the Texas coast? Or is it the attractive coastline bounded by a lighted seawall and parks system featuring three massive fishing piers? Could the draw be the modern boat launch sites allowing free access to the beautiful Tres Palacios and Matagorda Bays? Might it be the unique bird watching opportunities, since the area leads the annual Audubon bird count each year? Or perhaps it’s the small-town laid-back pace of life enjoyed by its friendly citizens?

Whatever the reason, folks leave the urban crowds and city bustle behind to experience the quiet beauty of water and sky on Matagorda Bay. They can enjoy picnics in one of the Bayfront parks, complete with barbecue pits, covered tables and family-friendly playgrounds. They might fish off the various free public peers or grab some friends for a chartered fishing adventure. They could capture amazing wildlife photos in America’s number one birding hotspot. Or they may enjoy a lazy afternoon boating on the water.

They can book a room at the 117 year old Luther Hotel or one of the historically recognized B&Bs, like the Peaceful Pelican. They might stop by the City by the Sea Museum and learn about the French explorer La Salle, who landed on these shores in the 17th century – then head over to the South Bay Marina to see a beautifully restored replica of La Salle’s ship, La Petite Belle. In the evening, you can find them in one of the fine dinner spots or watching the shrimp boats sailing to the Port of Palacios. It’s all part of enjoying a great day in the City by the Sea.

Key Locations

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